About Sevanam UK

Sevanam-UK (Sevanam-United Kingdom) is a socio-cultural non-profitable charity organization formed by a group of dedicated philanthropists, working and settled in the United Kingdom, originating from South India, especially, from the state of Kerala. The motto for SEVANAM-UK is "Extending Helping Hands".

Its main objectives are:

  •  To develop, publish, promote, encourage and educate ideas and visions of Lord Sree Narayana Guru among the members of the society.
  •  To extend an unconditional helping hand to assist the people and community who need support, especially from the UK.
  •  To facilitate the inquisitive people around the world to explore the supreme power of Guru's philosophy and science.
  • To assist parents to advance children's cultural education, heritage, traditional values, art and science and thus play a role in their overall development.